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HTMW How The Market Works

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Hi Family,

We will review how to trade on Wednesday July 1, 2020 at 6:00 pm.

Here are the videos explaining how to trade in HTMW

All children should compete in the contest.

Each week we will discuss stock we have purchased, why 

and any content we want to discuss or share.

Watch these 5 videos to learn how Slam 5-Day Stock Trading Game is played.

Intro Video Pack Includes

  1. HTMW Intro (5:42):
  2. Site Navigation (4:44 ):
  3. Trading Stocks (2:01 ):
  4. Managing A Portfolio ( 5:33):
  5. Limit Orders (7:09):

Open yahoo Finance account to research what stocks to buy , sell or hold.


$1,000 in trade money

Trade stock costing under $25

Must sell stock to count as profit


Register below.   Children should register as well.

HTMW Registration

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